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Eyeballs only matter if your videos work. We help ensure that you are telling research-backed stories of real people that measurably builds your community of supporters and inspires them to stand up and be counted. Our data-driven approach to storytelling can help you connect more deeply with your target audiences, leading to the wins you need today and a long-term strategy that will still matter two years from now.
· Integrate strategy, research and creative into a single data-driven process that delivers results.
· Respond to the urgency of now and gain actionable insights for tomorrow.

Why it matters

The stakes have never been higher - we need to cut through simplistic opposition messaging and misinformation to build communities of supporters who will take action today on the issues that matter most. We take a data-driven approach to storytelling, breaking down all existing messaging, identifying important gaps, and using cutting-edge research to uncover new strategies that have the highest likelihood of urgently igniting your community.

And we use our backgrounds in journalism and documentary film, along with our expertise in strategic communications, to tell emotional stories of real people that connect, engage and inspire. And we can prove it.

Our process

Step 1

360º Storytelling test design

Real world narratives involve more than just message delivery, so we build comprehensive narrative research and test designs to match.

Our quantitative and qualitative methodology moves beyond A/B testing to uncover the Storytelling Best Practices that have the highest likelihood of changing minds and reaching your actual campaign goals.

Step 2

Data-driven Creative

We don’t silo the strategy, research and creative processes - each process informs the other to ensure that we have the freedom our creative process needs, with the messaging discipline a campaign requires.

Our unique holistic approach delivers videos with the highest likelihood of success and a Storytelling Campaign Strategy that has research baked into its DNA.

Step 3

Metrics that matter

Our entire process is designed to deliver outcomes, not assets.

We measure what actually matters in reliable and significant ways and we deliver reports that include the data in clear, concise action items. We base the efficacy of our campaigns on our ability to quantitatively change minds–and uncover why we were able to do it–resulting in a data-driven playbook that we can use to optimize and repeat.

Stories prove you are who you say you are.

Telling real stories of real-world impact is the best way to engage an audience and move them to action. We have a unique and focused expertise in building up the authentic grassroots stories that prove your top-down messaging is true - and we know how to do it in a way that is honest, engaging and that will lead to measurable results. We deliver emotion, engagement and action.

And we can prove it.