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Story heat

Moving Video Storytelling From Emotion To Impact

StoryHEAT is our proprietary rapid research platform that tests individual narrative elements in the earliest stages of a campaign so we can produce videos that deliver maximum, measurable impact.

  • Measure 15 Elements in A Single Test
  • Filter Results by Audience Segment
  • Produce Videos with Quantifiable ROI
Maximum measureable impact

Produce Videos That Deliver Measurable Change

Current creative development tools are caught between broad formative research that is difficult to activate and creative pre-testing that requires you to devote resources to untested content in order to test it.

Our platform delivers a cost-effective, rapid tool to bridge that gap, providing research-backed storytelling strategies that can immediately be used to confidently produce videos that deliver impact.

Power Up Your Video Storytelling

Early Action
Our research uncovers specific strategies for producing videos with maximum impact on Day 1.
De-Risk Creative
Test before you build, so you know which storytelling elements are most likely to impact your audience, change their minds and motivate them to act.
Clear Strategy
We test what matters and report back clear, concise and directional findings. Our dashboard delivers actionable strategies, not just interesting insights.
Increase ROI
Report quantitative persuasion metrics alongside your engagement and reach, and build sustainable storytelling strategies to apply across your organization.

How it works

Our HEAT storytelling methodology allows us to combine persuasive messaging with emotional storytelling to create strong hypotheses and storytelling blocks - like Hooks, Messaging, Stakes and CTAs - that we can test against your target audience.
We test all of our storytelling blocks in a proprietary scientific survey that delivers statistically significant results. Our tool was designed to focus in on the elements that truly matter and to test those elements ways that deliver more reliable results.
Our reporting platform was built by creatives - and backed by scientists - who know what information they need to produce content. We calculate and report back overall Impact Scores for all of your tested elements, so you can clearly understand what strategies are most likely to measurably move your audience
Our team then leverages all of this data into award-winning videos that can break out of the echo chamber, and use our science-backed strategies to draw eyeballs, maximize impact deliver quantifiable results.

The Stakes Are High.

When you create videos that aren’t backed by research you may unintentionally cause a backlash and finish your campaign in a weakened position. With StoryHEAT, we can deliver stunning videos with compelling narratives that maximize your impact.

Through our data-driven strategies and continuous optimization we unlock the secrets to storytelling success.